Symphony Acoustics

T Grid Ceiling Suspension System

The Suspension System range includes the innovative universal main runners with the staked-on lock clip both in 24mm and 15mm widths.





Main Runner – 38/32 x 24 x 3600 x 0.30mm

Cross Tee – 26 x 24 x 1200/ 600 x 0.30mm


24mm Plain / 15mm Plain / 15mm Select / 15mm Silhouette

ULTRA G.I. Framing


Ultra metal frame work is specially designed to make it stronger, lighter and easier to use. Ultra GI Framing provides adequate resistance against rusting, wrapping or twisting, giving you better finished results.


  • Galvanization of 120gms/m2
  • High Yield Strength
  • Great load carrying capacity
  • Improved acoustic performance and fire resistance
  • Enhanced screw retention.
  • Overall Improved productivity.

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