Symphony Acoustics

Synth / Polyester Wool

POLYESTER WOOL is user friendly and environmentally friendly character, alongside the comprehensive response it provides for the construction industry has turned Synth wool into a leading brand name and an unequivocal stamp of quality. Reflective thermal and Acoustic insulation provides the perfect solution for all fields of construction – from residential buildings, to commercial buildings and a range of industrial


  • Pleasant to touch and easy to install.
  • Provides complete thermal, reflective and acoustic insulation.
  • Is not carcinogenic and does not constitute any health hazard.
  • User friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Does not require use of any kind of protective clothing.
  • Environmentally friendly and completely recyclable.
  • Offered in any size needed for a complete suitability.
  • Doesn’t lose thickness or volume over time.
  • Certified as Green standard insulation.

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